Flower of crystal Grand Meister Course (Variation)

These lessons offer variations to the Flower of Crystal Art.
They are suitable for Flower of Crystal Art learners looking for more.
Feel free to choose your favorite from the variety of courses created for your enjoyment.

Who can take this course?

Flower of crystal Meister or Teacher

Course fee

Lesson fee 20000yen

Registration fee 5000yen

Online lesson fee 1000yen   Total 26000yen

Lesson Contents

Usually we will draw 2works
In only Toka variation course we will draw 3 works

Lesson time

6hours including lunch time

You can separate a lesson to 2 or 3times.

After this course

If you finished Teacher course ,you can open Grand meister course you learned. 

After you finish Toka variation, Flower of fairy, Flower of wings, Toka fairy course, you can hold workshop Even if you have only taken the Meister course.

Flower of Transparent Collaboration

Flower of Transparent Variation
Flower of Wings
Flower of Fairy
Flower of Window
NEW Flower of Transparent Fairy